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Embody Your Wellness
Enrich Your Life

Let's create a reflection and life that YOU love waking up to!

Our highest effort is focused on naturally, sustainably and substantially improving: whole-food nutrition, stress management, daily habits that minimize artificial exposure, lifestyle physical fitness, and overall quality of life.  

The work we are passionate about is a sustainable process focused on guidance, education, support, and accountability. This process will empower you to make meaningful change and progress toward YOUR desired health and well-being GOALS. 


We look forward to connecting with you to provide these simple, clear paths to your optimal mind and body wellness. 


I hope you can imagine this beautiful balance to your life's most essential aspects, because we know you are only steps away to living The WELLthy Life.

Copy of Copy of The wellthy life
Copy of Copy of The wellthy life
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Our Services

Customization & Functionality Made For You

Our clients deserve the highest level of support when making the decision to transform their wellness, and we want to ensure your utmost comfort and provide you with intentional, individualized care. 


One-on-One Customized Programming and Consulting

This approach will allow you to work alone with one or both of us to meet your wellness goals.

Once we receive your Wellness Intake Form (available for submission on this website), you will receive a confirmation email or text to book your FREE consultation video-call.


After we are able to connect, review your submission together, and collaborate on what we have to offer for your particular goals, we will confirm a plan of action that works best for your wellness!


Plan of action processes may include, but are not limited to:

-Weekly or Bi-Weekly 1:1 session calls intended to answer questions, analyze results, connect about goals

-Prescribed Nutrition & Movement Program

-Prescribed Daily Habit Adaptations

-Email & Text consulting access

-3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month contract


Your weekly or bi-weekly session call schedule and total budget will be determined by your goals and chosen contract. 


Buddy-System Customized Programming and Consulting

If you prefer to share this transformation to better wellness with a loved one, this option is for you!

For example, this buddy can be a spouse, parent, best friend, or sibling.

Very similar to the previous one-on-one consulting process, the buddy system is individualized, but allows us to work with you both at the same. 

Session calls will be shared with this person, you will rely on one another as an accountability partner, and a discounted rate will be applied to each of your contracts. 


Pre-Formulated Premium Programs

Programs will include an array of wellness essentials based on all dimensions of wellness: Emotional, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual.


Programs may range from informative guidance and educational workshops to specified, and direct weekly meal plans, recipes, tracking journals, etc. 

New Programs will continually be available for purchase through our website for you to choose what fits your needs best.

Pre-Formulated Programs may be right for you if you prefer to work alone, at your own pace, or need very direct plans to follow as you build The WELLthy Life you deserve!


About Us

and our WHY behind "The WELLthy Life"

The Wellthy Life is our effort to share the many lessons learned through our collective life experiences that have helped us maintain good health and quality of life. We value natural wellness, feeling good and setting a standard for our well-being and for one another.


We're tired of seeing our friends, family, and neighbors neglecting themselves and facing weakness, obesity, and disease, knowing they're suffering and knowing how simple it is to avoid that by just following a few simple rules. Prevention is paramount, and it's never too late to make a change and feel the benefits.


Good health is the foundation of a good life. Good health is the result of knowing and living with high standards of self-care. Our programs are designed to reconnect you with your body, your food, and your life. We want to see you have pride, confidence, and self respect. We want to build a stronger, smarter, more resilient community and do what we can to help others live more enjoyable lives with less suffering. 


We're very excited to connect with you! Please fill out and submit the intake form and we will contact you to introduce ourselves and get to know each other. 

~Candace & Dusty (aka Duff)

Education. Credentials. Experience.

We're proud to serve others based on our collective 25+ years of wellness experience. And while we are happy about the steps we have taken thus far, we are dedicated to prioritizing the continual expansion of our knowledge to better assist your WELLthy Life!

yoga for anxiety


  • Associate's Degree, Allied Health, 2010 

​       Carl Albert State College

  • Bachelor's Degree, Organizational Leadership, 2013 University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

  • Business Owner & Competitive Cheerleading Coach, 2012-PresentArkansas Cheer Academy

  • YTT200, Yoga Certification, Akasha Yoga Academy

  • Wellness Coach, IAP Career College


  • Associate's Degree, Allied Health/Athletic Training, 2009  Carl Albert State College 

  • Accepted into Athletic Training Education Program, 2010 Oklahoma State University

  • Bachelor's Degree, Health Education and Promotion/Exercise Physiology, 2012                     Oklahoma State University 

  • Wellness Facility Supervisor, 2015-2019                     Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Poteau

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification 

  • CrossFit Level 2 Certification 

whole food nutrition

Why INVEST in your WELLth?

Our unique perspective is something like this. . . 

Have you ever actually considered the single most important asset in your life-- your health?

What if someone told you when you bought your first car, you'd be stuck with it for life- never again could you shop for another. . Maybe you'd spend a little more love, care, and attention on it- perhaps take A LOT better care of it?

What does a car have to do with your choice to invest in your well-being??  


Well, how much investment do you make in your body's engine?  Are you subconsciously running your engine into the ground with little maintenance? 

When it comes to health most of us want to look great- insert all the things we may invest in that makes us ready for the next big life event/vacation- a new outfit, a haircut, maybe a fad diet is where hard-earned money tends to go sometimes. . . Unfortunately, the results from all of these things eventually fade.

A short term solution will get you where you want to go now, but if you are looking to change your life, you need to play the long game. 

It isn't simply bad behaviors that put your health at risk- like too much sugar, alcohol, and substance abuse. It's also your everyday detrimental habits, like unbalanced diet, lack of movement, poor sleep and high stress that are just as harmful. 

Your everyday negative habits are cumulative and dangerous in the long-term and will lead to health problems and disease. The good news is- lifestyle diseases like heart disease, stroke, obesity, etc. are avoidable with a few good habits. 

We want to help you work on the longer term by creating great, natural habits so that you change your life forever.

It can be intimidating to take the steps towards a new and better version of yourself, but we are here to make that transition simple and achievable! We promise you will never regret the INVESTMENT you make in YOU. 

Consider the transformation you are looking to achieve. . 

  • Is it greater health so that you are around for years to come in your kids and grandkids' lives?

  • Is it confidence in your strong and able body that can wear a bikini at age 50?

  • Is it relieving stress headaches or your fear of chronic illness?

  • Is it a peace of mind and balanced nervous system so that you can show up in your relationships more wholly?

You decide your why, and we together will make your dream a reality. There's no time like the present to take control of and plunge into your wellness! You have come far enough to be on this website- be proud of yourself for taking the first step. You CAN do this, and you will thank yourself for years to come. 

Here's to the WELLthy Life!



Each carefully crafted with YOU in mind, our premium programs have more to offer than just wellness!

They are educational tools and conclusive information for you to gain knowledge and understanding that will - if followed consistently- guide you to your future BEST SELF.

That's a promise.

Contract Services

Although the investment in WELLth is without a doubt a good one, we know it can be costly for some. It is our ultimate goal to make this wellness opportunity achievable for anyone, and every budget.

The following are estimated costs per contract term. Please note exact costs will be determined based on your customizations we discover during your consultation. We are willing to adjust services to meet your budget.

daily mobility movement

3-Month Contract

Depending on goals and prescribed implementations, this term could range from $199-$299/ Month.

yoga to release tension

6-Month Contract

Depending on goals and prescribed implementations, this term could range from $159-$259/ Month.

Healthy Breakfast

12-Month Contract

Depending on goals and prescribed implementations, this term could range from $129-$229/ Month.

who doesn't want to . . .

                            . . no one

Your gateway to rejuvenation and transforming into a happier, WELLthier YOU!

 Financial Wellth 

We believe  financial health is a strong pillar of wellness that largely contributes to your overall well-being and quality of life. That is why we have placed such an emphasis on discovering opportunities for not only our family, but for yours, too!

This is a. . . 

  • make your own schedule

  • work from anywhere 

  • passive income 

. . strategy that will allow you the financial freedom to focus on the truly important aspects of your life (your health and those you love)!

I'll let you decide for yourself, but I couldn't  sleep on this opportunity! Fun fact: This industry is predicted to reach the trillions by 2025.

Digital Marketing is THE best way to make money online, period.

And I have a product that's high in demand that you can sell as your own and keep ALL of the profit from.

This exact course taught me everything I needed to know to make more than I've ever made at any 9-5 or business endeavor thus far. And I'm brand new to the digital product world!

This course not only hands you the keys to a digital product business as a newbie, but guides you step by step to success by teaching you EVERY skill you need to succeed. 

Plus the course itself is yours to sell for 100% profit. You keep every penny of every sale.

No cold messaging. No sales calls. No pressure.

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We can't wait to connect with you soon!

meditation and breathwork

Your ultimate rejuvenation and renewal Yoga & Meditation Series

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